Diana with a twist

Princess Diana has always been a fashion icon of mine. She had so many good “fashion moments”, and a favorite of mine is the iconic look consisting of a college sweatshirt, combined with some cycling shorts. My thoughts behind this look, is that I wanted to do a sporty outfit with a twist. Diana with a twist. To make the cycling shorts more wearable, I added a longer coat so they would only be showing on the front of the outfit. Some pearls and a chic hairband made the look a bit less sporty, but to not loose the athleisure vibe, I went with some sneakers with high white tennis socks.

Some tips if you want to try out the cycling shorts, but don’t know how to do it:

  • Add a longer coat or topI always do this when wearing cycling shorts, it makes the look more covered up which I personally feel more comfortable with. 
  • Go for color or patternIf you feel like a black cycling shorts will look too much like gym wear, try one in a color or a patterned one. That way it will feel more like a “regular shorts”.
  • Add non-sporty garments If you are not a total fan of the sporty look, try wearing it with some heels and a longer blazer, and add some fun accessories like a chic bright colored bag. 

Wearing: Vintage coat, Stine Goya shirt, Bikbok shorts, Balenciaga sneakers, Prada headband, Anni Lu earrings and bag from Thanx God Im VIP Paris. 

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